Our Crops


We have been producing rice on the Gorrill Ranch since 1918. Our rice operation is made up of several thousand contiguous acres which borders Butte Creek to the north, the Town of Nelson to the South and the Midway (or Old HWY 99) to the east. Our premium quality rice is well known throughout the industry.

The Ranch is generally one of the first to start ground work in the Spring and we also start harvest earlier than most in the Fall.

We produce both Medium Grain and Short Grain rice. Through continued innovation we have become one of the Premier Short Grain rice producers in California with an excellent reputation overseas for quality and taste.

For more rice information, please visit the California Rice Commission web site.


We grow prunes on one plot here on our main ranch. We currently market them through Sunsweet. Our Prunes are harvested and dried in the Fall.


Our Almonds are grown on two orchards in Butte County. We currently market them though Blue Diamond.


In 2008 we planted a new Walnut orchard, which will start producing in 2014. Our other orchard of walnuts is 15 years old.


Gorrill Ranch got into the Pecan market in 2004. We harvested our first crop in 2012.

Headquarters in August
Walnut Tree Being Harvested